METAL YARD ARTHere is a sample of the many various metal art animals we have.

The newest style of folk art from Mexico, these metal yard art animals are made out of reclaimed and recycled scrap metal. Colorful, whimsical and excellent for a garden or window, we are constantly bringing in new varietes of flying pigs, elegant flamingos, cheerful flowers, and all types of colorful characters! Many of these are selling before we can post them on our website, so please call/email to find out about the current selection.

*PLEASE NOTE! Shipping prices on metal art are initial estimates- Please contact us for a shipping quote, otherwise we will notify you of any upcharges on orders of odd-shaped items.

Medium Multicolored Metal Art Sun Face
Metal Yard Art Farm Chicken Sculpture - Mini Musical Rooster with Violin- 14"H x 8"W x 11"- orange, blue, green, black, red in recycled scrap metal from Mexico
Metal Yard Art Farm Sculpture- Small Cow 15"H x 7"W x 23"D - black, white, silver in recycled scrap metal from Mexico
Metal Yard Art Owl- 13d x 18h x8w-Stylized silver finish
Metal Yard Art- Medium Turtle 9"H x 10"W x 15"D - red, yellow, green in recycled scrap metal from Mexico
Metal Yard Art- Small Booble Head Horse Sculpture- 12"H x 3"W x 10"D - blue, bright green, orange, pink, red in recycled scrap metal from Mexico
Mexican Metal Yard Art- Moose Bobble Planter- Blue Canister & Pink Antlers 23"W x 8"D x 12"W
Orange Winged Metal Butterfly
Turquoise Winged Metal Heart