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Guatemala Fabric

Guatemalan Fabric

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These fabrics are hand woven on looms in Guatemala. They are 100% cotton, the cotton is hand dyed prior to the weaving process. The looms are not powered by electricity as these are powered by their feet. It is recommended that these fabrics be hand washed or soaked in a non-iodized salt in order to set the colors. Once the colors are set they can be machined washed with a mild soap. Always remember to lay flat to dry! Do not put in dryer!! This fabric measures at 36 inches wide. We sell these fabrics in ¼ yard increments. So remember when entering the quantities: 1= ¼yd, 2=½yd, 3= ¾yd, 4= 1yard and so on…. Please note there is no return or exchange on cut fabric, so please make sure that you do all measurements before placing any orders. If you are unsure on a color, we can mail you a swatch of the fabric of your choice. Feel free to shoot us an email!

Guatemala Fabric