The Marisol Imports Story

Marisol Imports is known as Boulder's most colorful locally owned business. Dennis Crawford & Marg Culwell founded Marisol Imports in 1982 as a natural extension of their enthusiasm for traveling, rapport with artisans, and love for Latin America. Originally, Marisol Imports specialized exclusively in Zapotec textiles and Guatemalan fabric. During the Native Arts Boom throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s, Marisol Imports expanded from a tiny rug store on Pearl Street to a well known home furnishings company operating throughout the Rocky Mountain region. "The Shop" on 9th & Pearl Streets in downtown Boulder was a favorite visiting place for locals, tourists, and all types of eclectic characters. Today, Marisol Imports operates a smaller gallery "uptown" on Broadway featuring only the best of what we have found after 30 years of doing business in over 20 countries and with innumerable local artisans. We are doing more custom furniture and custom rug design than ever before, and have become an avid supporter of our local arts community. As the merchants communicating between the artisans and the collectors, we are very aware that people love to be surrounded by authentic craftsmenship, rich in texture and history. CHECK OUT OUR VIDEO OF THE ZAPOTEC WEAVERS OF TEOTITLAN: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJL-weZQUSM&feature=youtu.be